For Differentiation of FMD Virus Infected From Vaccinated Animals

Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) is a highly infectious viral disease that affects millions of farm animals in the world that are of great economic importance. Global impact of FMD outbreak has been estimated tens of billions of dollars. In India alone, direct losses due to FMD are estimated at Rs 20,000 crores. AB now offers the most comprehensive selection of diagnostic products for FMD. The FMD 3AB3 DIVA kit is an ELISA based immunoassay to detect antibodies against the 3AB3 Non-Structural Protein of FMD virus in bovine serum or plasma.


Time and Convenience: contains all necessary reagents and buffers in a ready to use format. No time is lost in weighing different ingredients and preparing reagents for experimental use.

High Sensitivity: can detect test samples upto 1:100 dilution, thus saving precious samples.

Safe Handling and Disposal: uses no mutagenic or live/dead/virus derived components, thus is completely safe to for handling and disposal.

Troubleshooting Guide, MSDS and CoAs: comes with all commercial documentation for best user experience.

ICAR Approved: The only technology in the market that has been approved by ICAR PDFMD for DIVA testing in India.

Certifications: AB DIVA Kit is CE Certified and is manufactured in a facility with all the following certifications.

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